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It's like 4:27 am and I (again) dont feel like sleeping.
Had a discussion with college devclub around 1, something about making a website for the Devclub.
Very chill and good people :)

Explored Github Student Developer pack provided by our College.
It has options for getting a domain so we got that so for an year we have a .tech domain dk what we would do after that expires (uhh.. maybe use another guy's github pro account..some successor,literally have no clue).
Tried to get a DigitalOcean Cloud service to get a vps with $100 free credits but will do it tomorrow(today) as it requires credit card for registration and to prevent exploiting the 100 dollar cred system lol.
Will see if a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) works or not tomorrow... uhh I mean today.

I have been playing "Price On My Head" by NAV and The Weekend on loop for hours now and I literally don't feel like sleeping.
🎶I'm so paranoid I'ma sleep when I'm dead.🎶

Morning Already!?!